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Planet of the Dead

T.K. Reilley ☆ 3 review review Ï Planet of the Dead Commander Kate Daniels expected to find incompetency when sent to assess the terraforming progress on Primos She didn't expect a saboteur to force a crash landing stranding them at the mercy of the hungry creatures roaming the planet If she and her crew can't find a way off Primos they will die there And rise again Excerpt of a review from Clayton ByeT K Reilley has written a snappy science fiction story that I enjoyed on a number of levels First the author used a version of the old space opera plots creating for me a nostalgia that drew me to the story li.

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T.K. Reilley ☆ 3 review review Ï Planet of the Dead Ke a moth to a flame Second even though there’s a strong and recognizable plot the novel remains character driven In fact each character receives enough of the brush stroke that they appear to have importance than would be expected of stock characters Third there’s a distinct reason for the first two things I’ve mentioned the identifiable plot and the unusual character development sets the reader up for what will unfold on the Planet of the DeadI don’t want to spoil your fun so let’s leave it at the following Everything that happens on Primos is.

T.K. Reilley ☆ 3 review

T.K. Reilley ☆ 3 review review Ï Planet of the Dead Modern in every way Not only was my nostalgia blasted away I was also treated to a version of horror sub genre that I have never liked BUT I LIKED ITIf T K Reilley can get me to sit down and read a novella in one sitting where I forget to look for errors because I’m enjoying myself then go on to pleasantly surprise me with a turn of events I usually despise then I must tell you this is a book you should buy Horror buffs science fiction lovers and even mystery and suspense fans will find something to enjoy in this fast paced story and uniue blend of ideas.

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