NEW Intuition The Premonition #2 æ Amy A. Bartol

  • Paperback
  • 394
  • Intuition The Premonition #2
  • Amy A. Bartol
  • English
  • 15 October 2018
  • 9781466266735

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Read Intuition The Premonition #2 ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Free read â E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Amy A. Bartol Amy A. Bartol ´ 9 Read If I’m not strong then I will be relegated to the same fate as this predator whose sickness infects me even now But now I crave him and he knows that; he. I ve just finished Intuition by Amy Bartol and FUCK MY FACEThat was one hell of a motherfucking rideI was so nervous I was pacing my bedroom one minute and crying whilst walking the bloody dog the nextEmotions off all the poxy placeSecond book was just as good as the first These characters are like my mates that I want to spend every minute withI love me some Reed and I mean I fucking love him but FUCKKKKKK BRENNUS That blokeFrom the second I met him I wanted in his pants I love his obsession and the fact he gives zero fucks I found myself erotically exited whenever his name was mentioned Like I say I m still TeamReed but I would definitely blow BrennusI ve said it before and I will say it again Emily Woo Zeller is the best narrator EVER I love her voice and love the way she just sucks me into each chapterIf I could give these books a million stars I wouldOne of the best Paranormal Series EVERNow onto Indebted 3

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Read Intuition The Premonition #2 ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Free read â E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Amy A. Bartol Amy A. Bartol ´ 9 Read I don’t open my eyes so I can’t see him but I can smell him He thickens the air I breathe choking me with his scenthis aroma I shiver I have to resist. Wow I think I need to get my breathing under control for a minute before I begin this review sighWhere do I begin The book started off right where I wanted it to with Reed and Evie and their intense and breathtaking romance Then there is Evie gaining even strength and kicking major ass The practice fight scene with Reed was majorly hot She is finally getting strong enough that she might be able to consummate her relationship with Reed and the intense agony of waiting the whole book for this to happen is starting to build in me I was getting all excited that the book would be filled with pages of Reed when Bartol reached in and ripped my heart out and sent me into a New Moon tail spin But before those of you who hated New Moon for the reasons I did do not fret while the agony of not having Reed for a good portion of the book was overwhelming the frustration and pain was completely worth it and therefore I forgive Bartol Of all the Twilight books I suffered through New Moon was the worst although I enjoyed the movie because of all the wolves which the book just could not capture for me Having to sit through 90% of the book with Bella acting like a Manic Depressive psycho and Jacob acting like such a whipped puppy dog who just let her string him along without standing up for himself we are finally rewarded with Edward if only for a few chapters However one would think that if Meyers was going to force us to suffer through an entire book without Edward we would at least get some sort of climatic ending that made it all worth it But of course no all we get is some pathetic attempt at an action scene and a lame marriage proposal Ugh I honestly wanted to burn the New Moon book which was a shock to me because I don t believe in that But I was so disappointed and irritated that I had just wasted all that time on a horrid mind numbing book needless to say I was pissed So when after a 13 of the way into Inuition Bartol pulls a Meyers and has a series of events convincing Evie that she has to leave Reed to keep him safe all the joy and excitement I had for this book went out the window I thought NOOOOO please don t make me sit through a whole book of Russell talking in his weird twang and obsessing over Evie and plotting how he will take her from Reed I wanted to jump through the pages and rip Russell s heart out knowing I would be helping Reed I found myself desperately re reading the chapters leading up to the change just so I could savor a few pages with Reed I thought What has Bartol done to me and importantly why I am I so invested in these characters I m acting like a crazy personNeedless to say I stuck it out but it was tough I would find myself skimming ahead in the pages to see if I could glimpse Reed s name I am ashamed to admit that my heart would beat faster and my body tingled when I did see his name even if it was just Evie thinking about him When we were finally released from the pages that were Russell s POV I found myself letting out a sigh of relief thinking that it must be coming any minute now Reed is going to sweep in and save Evie and I But Bartol throws another wrench into the story and now a new villain is standing in my way to finding Reed So now I am suffering like Evie at the hands of a new evil and far scarier than Freddie which was nice There were some moments when I was able to put Reed on the back burner view spoilerlike when she kicked some major Gancanagh ass in the fighting ring or when she played him at his water game or when Alfred got his head ripped off and she loved it hide spoiler

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Read Intuition The Premonition #2 ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Free read â E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ Amy A. Bartol Amy A. Bartol ´ 9 Read Has been counting on my need to end the gnawing pain How he would savor my surrender I’m alive but how much longer will it take until I beg him not to b. I love this series and I absolutely adore the characters in this bookReed Evie Russell Zephyr Even the strangely named Buns an George They are all like family to me now I love them all Strangely I am also pulling for some of the new villains in this most amazing seuel everyone loves a bad boy with a soft spot you know I have one MAJOR critiue however Russell s southern accent ticks me offI was raised in the South I have lived in Florida Georgia Tennessee Arkansas and Mississippi One of my oldest friends is from West Virginia Two of my dearest friends live in South Carolina A co worker of mine is from North Carolina NO ONE I know speaks like Russell I don t know if Asheville is supposed to be the home of some fringe dialect I ve never heard or what but Russell s ridiculous useoveruse of y all is borderline insulting Y all is the contraction of you all and generally speaking we southerners use that to refer to than one person We don t use it than once ok maybe twice in a sentence and we rarely if ever use it to refer to the individual to whom we are speaking as in one person That just makes no sense to me at all Conseuently I find the portion of the story told from Russell s perspective to be very hard to read I imagine those people not familiar with a southern drawl will find it to be nearly incomprehensible I find myself re reading Russell s spoken bits trying desperately to figure out exactly what sort of drawl the author is going for I m coming up confused needless to say I cannot imagine what Russell would sound like in real life because his way of speaking and oddly enough writing is completely foreign Not only does this cause drag in an otherwise fast paced narrative but it seems to further the widely held opinion that anyone from the South will be forced to butcher the English language no matter how pure of heart or intelligent they are by the tragic fact they happened to born on the wrong side of the Mason Dixon line I mean reallyOk I m stepping off the soap box nowOverall I loved this book and can t wait to see what happens next I laughed I cried I despaired I rejoiced I lusted It was the whole buffet of emotion all wrapped up in an exceedingly well written soap box episode aside novel that kept me anxiously turning pages from beginning to end Definitely worth reading